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Hood fan Installation in Montreal

A hood fan above the stove while cooking is a must! It sucks up the steam and fumes that occur when heating or frying various foods on your stove top. This reduces the amount of humidity and grease that can accumulate on your walls and cabinets. Oftentimes, the cost of repair of a hoodfan is more than the cost of replacement and customers often opt to have a new hoodfan installed by Go Installation.

Go Installation can install various types of hoodfans depending on your kitchen configuration and preferences.

There are microwave hood fans which are handy because they save on counter space and fit nicely with the cabinets.

Chimney hood fans are mounted on the wall but the vent area is framed by hood fan material and the backsplash is exposed.

Canopy Hood Fan Installation

A canopy hood fan like the one pictured above is great for kitchens where the stove top is located on a central island.

Another ventilation system is the Down Draft ventilator that pull air through an exhaust mechanism under the counter top. This is useful when needing to conserve cupboard space or if cooktops are located in front of a window you do not want to block. Some stoves and cooktops can accept this type of built in ventilation and some cannot so it's important to contact a professional installation company to make sure your project can be done.

Of course, Go Installation experts can install under the cabinet range hoods as well. This is the most popular style and the type that they do most often. The installers will also take care of removing old hood fans when they are present to install your new hood vent.


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