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Dishwasher Installation with Go Installation

A dishwasher installation requires connections to a home's plumbing system as well as the electrical system. Our experienced technicians at Go installation can uninstall your old dishwasher and install the new one in its place. We can also remove the old machine from your residence on most occasions.

Should you buy a new dishwasher or should you get it repaired?

This is the age-old question, isn't it? There are certain straightforward reasons that folks decide to get a new machine.

When remodeling a kitchen, an old plastic or scratched up dishwasher no longer fits the aesthetic of the space and can be replaced for a modern upgrade.

Also machines that have begun to rust inside or in the water connections are unhealthy and can pose a danger of pipe breaks causing flooding.

When the dishwasher breaks down it is not always so easy to know if it’s kaput or repairable. Of course if an old machine has broken down multiple times in a short period of time, you may deduce that it’s on its last legs and decide to replace it with a new one.

But if it’s a first time offence, this is when calling an appliance repair company like Flash Repair will be your best bet. They can tell you what the problem is and if it’s worth repairing.

If you are not sure, Flash Repair and Go Installation dispatchers are equipped to go over the cost analysis of a diagnostic service versus buying a new dishwasher over the phone with you so you can make the most reasonable decision for your situation.

Dishwasher Buying Advice

Are there any specs that are especially important when picking out a dishwasher?

  • Brand: Our experience repairing dishwashers at Flash Repair tell us that certain brands do better than other, these are the dishwasher brands we recommend:

  • Size: Always measure the cavity where the dishwasher will go to make sure there are no surprises when you receive your dishwasher delivery and it doesn’t fit!

  • Colour: Some colours and finishes fit better with the aesthetic of a kitchen.

  • Panel-ready options: Some dishwashers are panel-ready, which means that the front of the machine can accept a panel that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinet finish.

  • Other important things to consider:

Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Installation of a Dishwasher?

If you already had a machine in place, the answer is often, yes. However, installers are not plumbers or electricians and cannot add water inlets or new wires to your electrical panel. Make sure there is a water source, a drain and a power source before arranging an installation service.

Pro tip: Ask your plumber to install flexible steel braided piping for the connection of the segment to the dishwasher, as rigid tubing like copper or pex tubing creates difficulties for future handling of the machine by an appliance repairer. It may cost you more to have to call a plumber to free the machine from the pipes and then a repairman to examine the machine.

If you need any help related to repairing or buying a new machine or simply want to book a dishwasher installation, contact Go Installation today.

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