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Installation Service for Microwaves with Trim Kits

The microwave is an essential appliance in today's fast paced world! no matter if you are warming milk for your baby or heating up a quick meal between zoom calls, you depend on this device daily.

We often think of microwaves as countertop appliances with easy access. However, the microwave has evolved from simply being placed on the counter. For those who have little counter space, built in to the cabinet microwaves offer the option of more convenient placement.

These microwaves that are placed below the counter or above the stove may come with a decorative frame that hides the space around the microwave making it seamlessly fit in to the cabinetry. This special frame, that is often in stainless steal, is called a "Trim Kit".

Below is an example of a microwave that was simply placed in a cabinet space without installing a Trim Kit to hide the empty space around the appliance.

Microwave Installation
Microwave Without Trim Kit

And now we have an example of an installation of a microwave with Trim Kit.

Microwave installation with Trim Kit
Microwave with Trim Kit

The Trim Kit brings a beautiful polished look to any kitchen and help keep dust and food debris from getting behind the microwave.

Your new new microwave may come with a trim kit, however, should you want to add one to your existing device, many universal Trim Kits exist. If you need help figuring out which microwave and Trim Kit to purchase, do not hesitate to contact Go Installation today. Our technicians are experienced in all microwave installations.


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